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Learn More About Cavavin Wine Cooler Servicing

Cavavin Wine Cooler Servicing


Cavavin has been Canada’s leader in wine preservation since the 1980s. The company designs custom wine cellars and manufactures premium products that are innovative in design as well as extremely durable and reliable. Whether you have a small 12-bottle Sobra cooler or a 171-bottle luxury Majestika cabinet, chances are that you’re very happy with it. However, even the most well-made wine coolers can develop problems. When you have a problem, you’ll want to make sure to resolve it in a timely fashion in order to preserve the integrity of your wine.


Finding a Quality GTA Repair Service


Look for a repair company in the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in servicing Cavavin products and offers same-day repair. The type of warranty offered is also important. Industry standard is a 30-day warranty on labour and a 90-day warranty on parts, but a superior repair company may offer better terms.


In addition, find a company that makes courtesy a priority. When you invite a repair technician into your house, you want to make sure that he or she will respect your family and your home. Signs of respect include covering shoes to enter, being friendly and polite, and tidying the work area before leaving.


Finally, make sure the company you choose guarantees satisfaction. The repair professional should ask you to inspect his or her work and to sign off on it.


Caring for Your Cavavin Cooler


In order to prevent further problems from developing, you will want to make sure that you give the best of care to your Cavavin cooler. Here are some answers to common questions that wine cooler owners ask:

  • Why isn’t my cooler cold enough? There can be a number of reasons for this, including disconnection from the electricity source. Check all plugs and make sure that you haven’t blown a fuse or tripped a breaker. Another possible cause is that the door hasn’t been closed properly or that it’s been opened too frequently. If the door has been closed, check the seal to make sure that warm air isn’t coming into the fridge. Finally, be sure that the temperature is properly set. If the cooler is still too warm, it’s time to call a repair technician.
  • I’m hearing noise from the cooler. A certain amount of noise is normal. Crackling sounds, for example, may be from the cooling fluid and are routine. Near the end of each cycle, fluid circulates in the pipes, which makes a bubbling sound. If the sound you’re hearing is more jarring, it may be because the cooler isn’t sitting levelly.
  • There’s fog between the thermal windowpanes. This is a normal occurrence, especially during humid summers. It should clear up as humidity wanes. Mist may also appear on the outside of the glass. However, if there is condensation inside the cooler, the door may need replacement.
  • The fan doesn’t seem to work properly. Cooler fans usually cycle on and off at various intervals. This is normal, and if your cooler is set to lower temperatures, the fan will have to work more often. If the fan stops completely, you should call a repair professional.
When your Cavavin wine cooler needs servicing, call a professional. Take care of your Cavavin cooler, and it will care for your fine wines.

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